My name is Mike Hernandez. I have the opportunity to widely recommend SYNERGY services. They are a company that have greatly helped me and my family. When we made the decision to install Solar Panels in my house, it was very complicated to find the right company for this Project, after talking with 4 different companies, we found SYNERGY. After the work done we feel extremely happy that they helped us

Mike Hernandez

Bakerfield, CA

We are happy with the service provided by SYNERGY. The technicians who installed our solar panels were very efficient and friendly. Thank you

Carol White

Glendale, AZ

The payment of electricity in my home drastically decreased after implementing the services offered by this company. Check out information on electrical efficiency services. We did it and we are very pleased to have done it. Thank you very much to everyone who makes this company, technicians and specialists. Guys, you did an excellent job.

Andrew Cisneros

Santa Barbara, CA

I do not have much to say, just thank you very much for giving me the results you promised me on savings and customer service.

Mary Alvarez

Riverside, CA

This company really complies with what they promise. If you are considering a remodeling in your home, they are the right people. Not only did they help me make my house look prettier, but they were also very professional in their work.

Mario Barrientos

Los Angeles, CA


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