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  • Strive to reduce the negative impact of energy inefficiency on the environment.
  • Commitment to our customers to provide the best solution in the shortest amount of time for the best value.
  • Proactively engage with technology developers and manufacturers to provide the latest resources available to our customers.
  • Provide safety and comfort to our customers and business partners in all the levels of our operation
  • Determination to have a positive social impact in our society.


Synergys will provide the best service to our customers in their quest for energy efficiency as a way to reduce their energy waste in all levels, guaranteeing their right to health, comfort, economy and peace of mind.

Company History

The United States has over 2239 billion square feet of residential buildings, about 730 square feet per capita. 75 to 90 percent of the energy produced, is wasted due to inefficiency by lack of a good design. The side effects of the way we produce electricity is toxic fumes that stay in the environment for a long time and could create damaging effects in nature and humans.  Anything we do to reduce energy waste is a direct reduction of greenhouse gases and the increase of hope for our planet.

Home Improvement these days is not limited to remodel your house for esthetic purposes, it also has to deliver some improvement to the way your house performs.  Each house is a system that should work in the best efficient way.  Each house has separate components, that are interconnected to each other, and thru small changes we can make them perform better.  

From your house envelope, to the lighting, and air conditioning, there are multiple small improvements that we can do to prevent the waste of energy, and this is at the end a waste of money.  Sealing gaps in your walls and attics, your air conditioning or heater will be working less.  With a smart lighting system, you will be able to avoid having lights on when nobody is in the room or program them according to your specific needs.  Replacing your air conditioning unit for a high efficiency model, replacing your old appliances for new Energy Star units will have a great impact in the way your house looks and the way you spend your money every month in high electric, gas and water bills.

Day by day energy is scarcer, and the limited resources we use to produce electricity become more expensive.  It is very important to make sure our homes perform in an optimal way because in the long-term energy savings will create an exponential benefit to home owners. This, added to current resources available in the market like solar panels, battery storage systems, solar water heater systems, geo thermal systems, etc. will benefit home owners with energy independence.

Synergys is committed to provide its customers the best support finding the right solution for their energy efficiency needs, making our best effort to provide long lasting results.


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