The United States is going thru an energy evolution, very similar to the communication technology like cellphones during the eighties. Back then bulky and expensive cellphones were the precursors of the current technology. Currently, it is almost unthinkable a life without these little devices that are now mini computers. In the same way solar energy is in its beginnings, and day by day, the technology is improving. As it happened in the communications revolution, solar technology will be available to all the masses. The price of a solar system has increased dramatically and now is more available than ever. Synergys will strive to fit your needs, and to provide you with a solar system that will give you the highest return to your investment.



Weather electric or gas heating could be expensive. The use of solar water heating will reduce the cost of energy used. It will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere every year. It also helps to avoid nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants that result when you use electricity, gas, propane, or another fuel source. Solar water heaters protect rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans from mercury and other pollution caused by power plants as well.



Commercial buildings have the great advantage of having enough real estate available for solar solutions. Solar systems on rooftops that not only will provide energy to the facility, but it will reduce the building temperature and longevity of the roof. This will translate in lower energy and maintenance expenses. Another application that it has been very attractive is the installation of solar carports, that provide the extra energy needed to reduce electric expenses. Solar carports do not require additional space, and they offer an efficient use of space and come with great long term monetary and environmental benefits. Lastly, vacant lands in remote areas offer the perfect opportunity to generate additional income by the construction of ground mount systems.



Solar backup batteries is a growing trend. Home owners are getting tired of utility companies’ unfair rates. In some jurisdictions it has become more attractive to be “off-grid”. Between other benefits, batteries will provide an alternative for power outages in case of an emergency and will allow you to avoid the high cost some utilities have imposed for nightly rates. Incentives for this type of systems will become more available in the next few years.



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